The Soundtracks

The Soundtracks to My Life
(There is a song, and then there's a soundtrack. Sit back, relax, and imagine that your life is the next blockbuster movie...).

1. Iris, Goo Goo Dolls - I've already picked this out to be the first dance at my wedding. It's weird. Sometimes when I hear this song, it makes me feel uplifted and happy. Other times, I feel sad and alone. It's the kind of song that gives you goosebumps and makes your heart race.

2. The Maine - I don't have a particular song for this band, because all of them are brilliant. Try "Inside of You" or "Color", both of which are incredible. I'm actually going to see The Maine support All Time Low in January - can't wait. They are an amazing band from America, but a lot of people haven't heard of them. Take my advice and given them a listen...

3. You Me At Six - It is a crime if you have not heard this band. A CRIME. They're a British band with incredible lyrics, and I am not advising, asking, or requesting that you listen to them, I am telling you. Honestly, you will thank me for this one day. "Underdog" is my personal favourite, but they have a new one out too, called "Loverboy" which is brilliant. Oh, and another one is "Stay With Me" - gorgeous song.

4. The Summer Set - These are THE holiday band. Even on a dreary Scottish winter day, if you close your eyes, you're immediately transported to a beach in France. They're kinda quirky, but really uplifting and upbeat. "Chelsea" was my friends and I's Summer Anthem last year, but their new stuff is amazing too.

5. All Time Low - Oooooh, ALT! These guys are amazing. (Guess who's seeing this lot in January!) Honestly, they're great. They're old stuff is just good as they're new album. "Stella", "Lost in Stereo", "Forget About It"... Oh man, the list is endless.

6. Rocket to the Moon - Emily and I stumbled across this band online and they're really great and refreshing. Their music ranges a lot, from romantic "Baby Blue Eyes" to the harder "Give A Damn". 

7. Kids in Glass Houses - Normally, I would, without a doubt, say KIGH where right up there with my favourite bands, but they've kinda annoyed me by coming out with a lot more screamo in their new album. Still, Dirt is an AMAZING album, "Sunshine" and "Lilli Rose" are great. I highly recommend listening to some of their old stuff. "Sunshine" is the song that inspired the name of my blog, too...

8. The Jam - The old Mod band my Dad and I used to listen too. Whenever I listen to "Town Called Malice" I am instantly transported back inside my Dad's pick-up truck when I was nine years old, belting out the lyrics as we drove back from Kelso as the sun went down... Bliss:)