19 Nov 2011

Post-Potter Depression.

Remember when you were little, and you thought all your wildest dreams would come true? That life didn't have limits, didn't have boundaries. You could be whatever you wanted to be. Reality didn't matter. One day that ratty old broomstick you bought from the garden centre would take off...One day those potions you and your sister made in the bathroom sink would do more than just stain your school clothes...One day your Hogwarts acceptance letter would arrive by owl, and you'd head off for Platform 9 3/4.

But now you're bogged down with school work and friendship squabbles.
Immature childhood games are frowned upon.
Dressing up is a thing of the past.
You've packed away your make-shift Hogwarts cloak and your homemade wand in the loft; you're mum now uses your broomstick to sweep the garden path; and the only lotions and potions you've become to care about belong in your make-up kit.

Isn't that sad?
Don't you wish, for one more day, you could be little again?
I know I do.

And now Harry Potter has come to an end - the books first, the films second. It seems like only days ago when you were running around the garden, shouting "Wingardium Leviosa!" and "Expecto Patronum!". When you referred to normal people walking down the street, or the other kids in your classroom, as 'Muggles'. When you faught tooth and claw until your Mum finally gave up and bought you a cat - or 'familiar', as she was known. But Heckie - the cat oh so creatively named after the witch in Not Just A Witch - is a five years old, and although she is the most loveable, fantastic cat there's ever been, I'm afraid she can't talk or cast magic spells, like you thought she would.

But here's the thing.
It doesn't have to fade away if you don't want it to.
We grow, and we change, and we move on,
But it's OK if we still read those stories, and we still watch those films, and write our own novels and stories.
We're only kids once,
But why should we not revel in the time we had?

Story to come soon, HONEST!


Sarah xxx

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  1. Harry Potter was quite possibly the most amazing thing in my childhood :( So sad it's gone! Still read the books though (films...not so much...)